Best Online Win Real Money Roulette Casinos in 2022

Roulette is one of the most socially-based online table games to win real money that you’d ever find. Even if to review online roulette real money, they emphasize the same elements of gameplay. The options of contacting a croupier and other players via live game modes are becoming a norm in the leading casino platforms.

The next time you’re looking for online roulette real money, don’t be too hesitant reviewing our featured casino providers. This game is great for both the beginners and pro gamblers who look to win real money roulette games but also engaging gameplay and the chance of capturing solid winnings. When this game became available online for real money became a real revolution in the industry.

If you’re were asking yourself about the details, game variations, rules, tips and how to play roulette for free win real money, you’re on the right website. Follow our guide to learn all possible roulette-related information you might ever need to play roulette for free and win real money.

The Best Online Roulette Websites

Since this game is now offered in a wide range of leading casino providers in the US, you should choose your preferred one carefully and if you’re asking yourself, are there any apps to win real money in roulette, the answer is yes. From what we’ve seen in our pre-review, you can play online roulette you win real money regardless of a platform. However, we commonly advise looking at our specially prepared list of the best American websites that offer this game for real money. Our online roulette real money win review team includes the most reputable domains for enjoying your unforgettable win real money roulette gameplay.

Best US Online Roulette Real Money Casinos in 2022

Casino MaxBonus Payment Method Rating Visit
1 minimum deposit Slots.LV
Visa casinos
Café Casino minimum deposit Café
American express casinos
Mastercard casinos
Visa casinos
Maestro casinos
Entropay casinos
ignition casino minimum deposit Ignition
Mastercard casinos
Visa casinos
SlotoCash Casino review SlotoCash
200% Bonus +50 Free Spins
American express casinos
Ecopayz casinos
Mastercard casinos
Neteller casinos
Visa casinos
Lincoln Casino minimum deposit Lincoln
Ecopayz casinos
Mastercard casinos
Neteller casinos
Paysafecard casinos
Visa casinos
All Star Slots Casino Minimum Deposit All Star Slots
American express casinos
Ecopayz casinos
Maestro casinos
Mastercard casinos
Visa casinos
Slots Empire Casino Slots Empire Casino
220% Signup Bonus
Visa casinos
Mastercard casinos

History of Roulette

One of the oldest table games ever created traces back to the mid-1600s. The rules of the game were continually changing and transforming through the following centuries and decades. The situation transformed drastically with the introduction of the win real money online roulette.

Speaking of the digital changes, we’re sure that it was constantly changing as one of the most flexible and adaptable table games. This notion applies to win real money roulette, which might be played variously according to the chosen rules. So, a brief recap of this game’s history is useful for understanding how the game changed since the introduction of a live dealer feature in modern online casinos where free online roulette win real money games are available. Having an ability to see, track, and communicate with a croupier without a need to take a road to the nearest venue was groundbreaking.

Online Casino Roulette Real Money: Game Types

The beginner roulette players imagine it as a game with constant rules that haven’t changed for centuries. We are here to reassure you because online casino games real money, including win real money roulette app, have countless game variations, which we’re ready to assess right now.

  • European Roulette. This is an original game mode, which is presented by all casino providers in 2022. On a European roulette wheel, the numbers from 1 to 36 are represented. A number 0 is also included on the game board. This 0 number stands for the chance of the house to secure an edge. Considering the betting options, the main feature of European Roulette is that any individual number pays 35:1.
  • American Roulette. Once the game was introduced in the US, the modern best online roulette win real money was re-invented according to the local rules and preferences. The American version added a wrinkle instead of the 37th number. They went even further by adding a 38th number, which was a double zero. This naturally doubles a house edge for any online casino, which is terrible for online punters.
  • French Roulette. French Roulette game mode is quite common to the European win real money roulette. The only noticeable discrepancy, which is accepted by free online roulette casino win real money platforms, is the so-called insurance style of the play. What’s it all about? Insurance-style bets might be placed to omit losses if a ball hits the 36th number, which is a zero. Although some casino platforms have such versions of the play, French Roulette isn’t the most popular, especially compared to European and American ones.
  • Canasta. Greetings from Latin America! This mode employs common rules but without a wheel! How’s that possible? A ping-pong style of the ball with each of the board numbers is spun in a bingo-style cage! Wow. There’re certainly a number of loyal fans of Canasta, but the game, unfortunately, didn’t make any success outside Latin America.
  • Third Zero. As for now, this game mode is only appearing on the list of win real money online casino roulette. These casinos seem to be too greedy, which is seen from intentionally putting the third zero to the board. If you see that third zero on a game board and you ask yourself: Where can I play win real money roulette without the third zero? Be sure to select any of the mentioned alternatives.

Online Roulette Real Money: Rules

Speaking of rules, you play roulette online real money by betting on either the numbers or specific categories. They include columns, colors, series of numbers, odd numbers, or even counterparts. Basically, the main goal of online roulette game win real money type is to place one or more wagers and hope that a ball will land on your number(s) on the wheel. Some people claim that win real money roulette isn’t just a game of pure luck or fortune. Instead, they claim that rigorous mathematical calculations are mandatory to increase the chances of winning.

The typical slang bets in Roulette include Inside, Split, Straight-Up, Street, or Corner ones. With such a range of betting options of the modern online roulette real money services, be sure to try at least one of such betting frameworks.

And what about tips on how to play roulette free win real money?

Let’s review them in detail.

Online Roulette Game Real Money: Tips and Tricks

Tip 1: Choose your Casino Carefully

No one wants to get fouled by the massive corporations that have rigged online casino games win real money software. Then, you’re obliged to choose only a casino provider that might be trusted, both in terms of gameplay and withdrawing your winnings. Don’t be too hesitant to choose one of our featured casino providers from the list located above who offer free roulette win real money software that can be trusted.

Tip 2: Live Dealers > RNG

Some might ask: What’s the point of wasting extra time while starring at those live dealers that are too slow to enjoy the gameplay? Instead, they prefer the so-called random number generators, which obviously are far more dominant in terms of speed. The problem is that the live dealers fully eliminate the chance of being fooled by the rigged house edges. Additionally, play free roulette win real money software is more fascinating in terms of gameplay while looking at how professional croupiers do their work.

Tip 3: Odds/Math

Obviously, roulette might be played without even utilizing any calculations or extra thoughts on probabilities. Be sure to lose much of your game balance once a fortune leaves you. Only by studying the odds, probabilities, and specialized strategies, your chances of winning might increase. Even if the game is all about luck, from the first glance, much like free slots win real money games are.

Tip 4: Betting Mechanism

Don’t be too ambitious while playing online roulette for real money. This table game, much like games of poker to win real money, require wise decisions based on the amount of existing game balance. If you’re planning to succeed in online roulette in the long-term perspective, employ various betting strategies empirically. By finding the most suitable for your bankroll, all your actions would be becoming more planned and accurate.

Tip 5: Previous Numbers

The last session, the ball hit six. Now, you’re thinking over placing a bet somewhere in between 25 to 30. But why? Each spin is independent in roulette online real money, and there’re high chances that the next spin would score somewhere near that 6th number. Don’t get fooled by the previous spins. Instead, better rely on your betting strategies and personal insights from your experience.

And What About Those Terminology Bets in Online Roulette Real Money? Outside or Inside?

All players, regardless of their prior expertise, are willing to multiply their casino-related winnings, even in roulette. The differentiation in bet strategies is crucial for understanding the game in more details. Let’s look at how various betting options in online roulette real money are depicted.

Inside Bets

This type of betting relies on the numbers itself. They’re displayed in the inside of the betting zone at a table. The inside bets generally include:

  • Straight Bet. It refers to placing on a single number is a straight bet.
  • Split Bet. This bet relies upon two numbers net to one another. This pays 17 to 1.
  • Street Bet. Since the roulette board is divided into twelve rows, you might place a bet on one row only. It pays 12 to 1.
  • Corner Bet. With this method, you place a bet on a four-numbered zone. It pays 8 to 1.
  • Double Street Bet. Much like an ordinary street bet, you spread your bet on two rows of numbers. It pays 5 to 1.

Outside Bets

With this method of betting, you might focus more on the numbers and spaces outside the board itself. It is referred to an outside betting, whereas the most common options include:

  • Low/High Bet. Just place a bet either on 1-18 (low) or 19-36 (high) section. It pays 2 to 1.
  • Red/Black Bet. Similar to the previous method, bet one of the colors. It also pays 2 to 1.
  • Even/Odd Bet. The last 50/50 method forces you to choose between even or odd numbers. It pays 2 to 1.
  • Dozen Bet. This way allows you to bet on a number of dozens, such as 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. If you win, you’re paid 3 to 1.
  • Column Bet. The board as a whole might also be split into the columns of twelve numbers. Bet on of three columns and enjoy your 3 to 1 return in case you win.


Speaking of online roulette real money review, we aimed to shed light on all possible nuances, rules, and terminology regarding roulette. If you’re still interested in playing online roulette real money, kindly visit one of the real money online casino providers with this type of service. Now, with all that obtained data, nothing would stop you from securing solid winnings as well as unforgettable emotions from gameplay.

Win real money roulette is an irreplaceable table game in 2022, although there are some games such as win real money slots free spins, blackjack win real money and win real money baccarat that come close, this one definitely creates social gaming atmosphere even in the digital domain (Live Dealer features).