Best Baccarat Online Casinos to Play for Real Money in 2022

Here comes baccarat, one of the most prominent table games in the entire world of gambling. Baccarat online real money is a relatively simple casino game to play on a daily basis. Obviously, when you sit during your first-ever baccarat online session, you would be overwhelmed by countless numbers and combinations. As you progress in terms of game rules and combinations, your skills in this game would boost exponentially.

In the most basic understanding, you’ll place a bet on either the player or the dealer to win. But unlike Blackjack, baccarat online real money has the rules that are a bit more complex and sophisticated. Regardless of whether you’re a real fan or just a newcomer to the industry, be sure to check our review of baccarat real money opportunities. Read on to get acquainted with everything you might ever need in playing baccarat, including the history, rules, best platforms, and the most viable tips about this game.

Top Baccarat Online Real Money Casinos in 2022

Casino MaxBonus Payment Method Rating Visit
bovada casino minimum deposit Bovada Casino
$ 3000
Mastercard casinos
Visa casinos
Entropay casinos
Neteller casinos
Credit card casinos
2 minimum deposit Slots.LV
Visa casinos
Club World Casinos Minimum deposit Club World Casinos
Ecopayz casinos
Mastercard casinos
Neteller casinos
Skrill casinos
Visa casinos
ignition casino minimum deposit Ignition
Mastercard casinos
Visa casinos
uptown-aces-online-casino minimum deposit Uptown Aces
American express casinos
Ecopayz casinos
Mastercard casinos
Neteller casinos
Skrill casinos

Baccarat Game for Real Money: Historical Roots

Baccarat is now said as being one of the most popular games ever created. Although the exact origins are unclear, we found out that the first written records trace back to the nineteenth century. Throughout the twentieth century, it progressed in popularity by spreading across Europe and the US. And finally, nowadays, gamblers across the globe are provided with a chance to play online baccarat real money without even needing to visit local venues. If you’re willing to play baccarat for real money, don’t be too hesitant since countless credible gambling platforms are waiting for you to enter. Let’s review where might you play baccarat online without any problems.

Online Casino Live Baccarat Real Money: Where to Play

Speaking of modern opportunities to enjoy this table game, we recall dozens of casino platforms, ranging from reputable old school American casinos to newly-emerging domains. What to choose for you? Have you heard anything about Red Stag, Desert Nights, and Uptown Aces? These casinos are believed of being the true leaders of offering the most unforgettable gameplay experience. Want to enjoy your baccarat session on another platform? Feel free to choose from our list of the best online casinos in 2022, which is located right here.

Baccarat Online Real Money: Basic Rules

Struggling to learn those countless rules by heart? Or maybe your first game sessions were terrific because you struggled to know what was going on? In such regard, we prepared basic rules for you to enter an amusing world of real money online baccarat smoothly. Read on to follow our step-by-step guide on baccarat for players in 2022:

  • Select a preferred us real money casinos for your best gameplay experience.
  • To get started, choose on whom you want to bet. Basically, on this stage, you’re guessing on who wins, the Bank or the Player.
  • Both sides will be dealt two cards.
  • If you receive from 0 through 5, you will be dealt a third card.
  • If you’re holding a sum of 8 or 9, you win. Simple as that!

Note: You should learn the sum of all card numbers. Aces count as 1, whereas cards such as 10s or higher are not worth anything. So, don’t think of baccarat as something close to Blackjack since these games are drastically different.

Play Real Money Baccarat: Strategy Tips

Speaking of the most viable strategies, we should underline the usability of the so-called double down approach. In the essence of this strategy, the players of real money baccarat place a bet that is two times higher than a previous one. For example, if you lost by betting on the Player $10, your next bet would be 20$ for either the Player or the Bank. By doubling the bet each consecutive turn, you would return your losses and potentially secure some winnings.

Although this strategy recalls one that is widely used in roulette 50/50 bets, Baccarat has a more controllable flow of the game. So, the next time you are in the middle of a game in one of the real money games for online casino, just be sure to experiment with a double down strategy. The only obligatory measure for this approach is to keep a certain track of your total bankroll. In case you are sitting on rather a limited game balance, a double down wouldn’t be the most suitable strategy. Be wise in terms of choosing the most applicable strategic decision in your gameplay, even if we’re speaking of the infamous double down.

Real Money Baccarat: Quick Tips

Speaking of the tips that all players might need while playing online casino live baccarat real money, we’re sure of a total of four practical considerations. So, let’s take a closer look at them individually:

  1. House Commission. Speaking of fees of playing for real money in one of the featured American casino providers, omit the providers with house commission above 5% margin. After all, you came here to examine baccarat in details but not pay all your funds to casino in fees.
  2. Long Session Gameplay. As we’ve reviewed the strategy of double down, you might have realized that common sessions might take long. So, we commonly advise implementing a certain strategy right after you enter a digital room. By doing so, you will aim for consistency of your winnings and not the random number generators.
  3. A Tie is a Lie. Don’t even try betting on a tie. Ever. It’s a 100% scam. Although you will be amused by the overall return rate of your potential win, tie situation usually has up to 15% of a house edge. Other than that, ties in baccarat happen rarely, so you should rather save your money by placing firm bets on either the Player or the Bank. No other choices.
  4. Banker Bet – Best Bet. Let’s review this aspect from the perspective of mathematical calculations. The bet on a player usually ends with a win in 44.6% of all cases. Conversely, a baccarat bet on a banker ends with a triumph in 45.8% of all bets. In the long run, the Banker bets pay off the most, so don’t be too hesitant while placing the fifth consecutive bet on the Banker.


If you’re playing baccarat for the first time, even if it’s happening online, be sure to learn at least something about this game’s terminology. Baccarat game for real money has a comprehensive terminology, so let’s review it together:

  • Banco

This term stands for the House. So, this bet requires a commission to be paid. In turn, it has a relatively higher chance of victory.

  • Natural

This term means two-card baccarat that worths either eight or nine. When the round ends, Natural two-card baccarat wins automatically.

  • Standoff

This term refers to a situation in baccarat when two hands have equal value.

  • Up Card

This term is used to characterize a card that is facing up.

  • Face Card

Face card commonly refers to a category that includes Kings, Queens, and Jacks. And as far as you know already, their cost in baccarat is zero.


So, should we recommend baccarat to the newbie players? Yes! From what we’ve reviewed, online baccarat real money is one of the most trending hits among the American punters. Once you get acquainted with the rules, strategies, and terminology of baccarat, go straight ahead in the direction of the online casino. Only by doing so, you’ll succeed in boosting your bankroll. Other than that, the overall variability of casino platforms is groundbreaking, so don’t be too hesitant to try one of the featured casino platforms from our list. If you’re too tired of video slots or Roulette, Baccarat might become a panacea for recharging your gambling batteries.